Top 5 Blockbuster Movies

The Academy has a long standing tradition of giving out top awards in Hollywood, which is why it’s no surprise that The Biggest Loser was recently nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture. The movie’s top star Mike De Luca along with the film’s director Wes Ball were also honored with Oscars during this year’s ceremony. Other prominent names included in the movie industry were also up for Oscars this year, which made it a very competitive class. Listed below are my personal Preferred films of 2021:

Skyfall – One of the most highly acclaimed movies of this year, Skyfall was a grand success both financially and critically. In reality, it was one of the few big budget movies to succeed both in the box office and in the Academy Awards. Tom Cruise and Anne Hathaway played opposite each other from the movie, while Morgan Freeman given the narration. The movie has been directed by Clint Eastwood, and it had been one of the most original and intelligent films of this year. It certainly made the right to be on this listing.

Gravity – Another classy picture from director James Cameron, Gravity was just another Oscar winner. The movie was not only well received by viewers but the Academy additionally rewarded it with four Oscars. While not exactly a family film, Gravity did provide some much desired Oscar buzz, particularly for a mainstream movie like this. While not just a comedy, it was a hilarious film that won rave reviews from viewers. Notable actors contained George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.

The Wolf Of Wall Street – While it was not a comedy, it was certainly an award-winning movie. It’s thought of as among the greatest films of the year, which is quite an accomplishment for a movie that came out over Christmas or was released during the summer. The movie has been directed by David Fincher, who is no stranger to producing award-winning films. It stars Ben Affleck as a real estate stock agent who trades in stocks and becomes wealthy, leaving his life in shambles.

The Hangover – Another movie that came out over Christmas, The Hangover was another fun comedy that just about everybody seemed to love. While it was not as funny as Seinfeld, it was an excellent film that just about anybody should watch. Ben Affleck plays a man whose life is completely turned upside down after having a succession of beverages thrown in his head (by a woman he understood ), thus creating a character called The Hangover.

In order to generate the best film lists, these are movies that have done what the ideal film stars of the year have done. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a blockbuster, though some would argue that Cash For Nothing was a better picture as it had been more serious and needed a gripping plot. Ultimately, it’s what the audience loves and would like to find that makes a movie a classic. It is possible to go on about why Black movies is among the best movies of 2021 or another film people have been talking about this season. Just keep in mind that so long as it leaves the viewer laugh, it meets the criteria for being a classic.