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We are the first Asian television network to feature a global selection of channels with many genres.

Television is a window to joy, a path to peace,and a memory for years to come.

Grace Bryant
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Grace Bryant

“As an orphan in a small, but humble Asian home, a large part of my childhood was spending time with my family watching television shows and movies”

Grace believes that television has the power to bring happiness from anywhere in the world. Although her family lived a tough life, with her father requiring extensive medical care, she found that watching tv shows with him brought much needed joy and laughter for the both of them. 

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Graduated from Taylor’s University with a Bachelor in Multimedia Sciences (Hons.)

Joined “Lotus Channel” as a host and producer where Grace worked for 3 years before leaving to pursue her own business.

Founded TV Online X, which began as a small subscription service for classic movies and shows 

Expanded TV Online X into channels across Southeast Asia, with countries such as Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesdia

Collaborated with “Obscura Mirrors” to produce her own high-quality streaming software

Won the “Asian Innovative Discoveries 2018” Award

Developed an international network of television channels allowing TV Online X to have multiple shows and films from countries. 

TV Online X continues to grow, and is now procurring more family channels from European countries. Added features such as colourblind mode and auto-translation is being developed as well.